Providing Peace of Mind

Fully loaded Identity Theft Protection
IDPS Features

Always monitoring. Always on the job. Always on your side.

Constant Monitoring

Advanced Monitoring

IDPS scans and monitors the dark web and other sources for your personal information looking for suspicious activity.


Activity Alerts

If suspicious activity is detected, you will receive an alert via text and email instantly. Simply tell us if it was your activity or someone else.


Restore & Reimburse

If you are a victim, our restoration experts directly work with you on resolving identity fraud. Plus you are backed by a 1M dollar insurance policy.

you need to know.


24/7 personal data monitoring

IDPS monitors activity for social security number, credit report, driver’s license, credit card, banking, passport, phone, email, medical, change of address and local sexual predators.


Suspicious activity alerts

Any suspicious event or activity that is detected will trigger IDPS’ alert and notification system immediately. You will be instantly alerted via email and/or text message so action can be taken rapidly.


ID Risk Score

Algorithm evaluates your digital footprint across various data points and then returns a proprietary risk score number based on identity theft potential and exposure.


Credit Report & Score

Real-time single bureau credit report and score gives you a 360 view of your credit file. See the file the way creditors see and use it.


Credit Monitoring

Alerts you to changes to your credit report that could indicate potential signs of identity theft, fraud or inaccuracies that could impact your score.


Credit Lock

Credit Lock puts you in control of your credit access. It gives you the ability to lock and unlock your TransUnion credit report with a simple click.


Credit Score Simulator

This tool allows you to estimate how your score may change by simulating alterations with key variables. Change up to 16 variables to calculate estimated change in your score.


Identity Restoration Specialist

Our US Based experts help handle paperwork, phone calls and other steps needed to help restore you back to square one.


1 Million Dollar Insurance Policy

$1,000,000.00 identity theft policy comes with $0 deductible. Coverage includes legal defense fees, lost wages, unauthorized ATM deductions, re-filing applications costs and costs of credit reports.